Lopez Island Visits

Lopez has a special place in our family. Bart has loved going there since his family first visited and bought land there in the 1970's. Bart and I have gone there nearly every summer since 1981, first as sweethearts,  then as assistant builders of Oscar and Alie's retirement house, then on our honeymoon, and later with our kids. Brian and Alison each made their first drive up there at three months old. These annual visits to Lopez chronicle their childhood and growing up.

This page is a tribute to my in-laws, Oscar and Alie Smaalders, who have made possible many amazing and memorable summers. Thank you, Pake and Beppe!

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2011 - Working remote, living in the Pickle, visits to and from Mark and Kim, John and Janet.
No cell reception
Bart tries to make
a business call.
Lack of cell
reception adds
Dinner in pickle
Oscar and Alie have curry
in the warmth of the
Pickle's dinette. Oscar's
lemon bars from the Tartine
book are a mouth watering

M&K house
Mark and Kim serve a
tasty lunch in their nearly
completed house.
dining outside
Outdoor dining is lovely
when the weather is warm.

For a gallery of more
pictures, click here.

Alison Beppe
The kids had time for some
long conversations with
their grandparents.
Odlin canoes
A flotilla of Northwest
tribal canoes stop at
Odlin Park for a few days.
We have a look at them
with Brian, John and Janet.

2010 - The Pickle's first visit, privy and bunkbed building, Lorin helping with William

2009 - Staying on Orcas, helping build Mark's loft and french doors,

2008 - Bart, Brian and Keith, along with Russ and Nick, help frame Mark's house.

2007 - Houdini's reappearance, Karen and kids and friends, "No Parking" recycled, visit to Orcas. 
deck parents
Ahhhh, Lopez...
and Harry Potter on the deck with the parents.
beach kids
The beach is a great place to play. The cousins bring two friends: Melanie and Nathan. 

[more family and friends]
Houdini renews his friendship with Alison. He likes being inside after a year in the wild.
no parking
"No Parking" gets recycled after 25 years in the woods. Lots of other metal goes along.

[The whole boat saga]

brian and owl
Brian celebrates his 19th birthday with family, a lovely location, his cat and a computer. Life is good.
alison and hildegarde
Alison gets artistic advice from Hildegarde who is almost 91.

2006 - Visits and changes. A trip to Victoria with Bart's parents.
Successful cataract surgery means that Oscar doesn't need glasses for the first time in 50 years. Mark is headed to Samoa for six months.
[Mark & Kim's place]
The cousins visit. The kids build a raft  after tie-dyeing t-shirts and picking berries to freeze for Beppe. They picked enough for pies too! Later on we celebrate birthdays.
The progress of the raft construction is watched carefully.

The pedal boat behind Alison gets used by all the kids and Bart too.
The cousins all wear their new birthday Lopez shirts. Brian and Lorin turn 18. Lorin is heading to UW in the fall.
Left to right: Lorin, Galen, Marlise, Brian, Alison.

Brian and Alison prowl tidepools at Shark Reef  on Brian's birthday.
  Even with limited vision and mobility, Alie keeps up. The new walker helps.

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2005 - Mark and Kim are back!
M and K's Land
We check out the view from Mark and Kim's land on Orcas: Mt Constitution and distant ferries. Left to right: Mark, Alie, Oscar, Kim, Bart.

Farmer's Market Spinning
Barbie spins at the  farmer's market.

Oscar on tractor
Oscar uses the tractor to move rotted wood from the front yard to the burn pile
where Bart dumps it (over by the pond, near B & B's tent).
Kayak Rack
Mark, and Oscar (and Bart) work on the barn.  See the clean barn here.
Red Jellyfish
We see several red jellyfish during our beach stroll along Swifts Bay with John and Janet who came over from Orcas.

Brian and Alison at house foundation
Brian and Alison make a rythm using rebar and rocks.

2004 - A new mailbox for Oscar and Alie. Marlise visits.  Brian celebrates another Lopezian birthday.
Agate repose
Everyone is ready for a siesta at Agate Beach. Marlise is on Lopez while Karen packs up the Mukilteo house.
Alison basking at Agate Beach

Alison basking at Agate Beach.
Brian's 16th birthday
Oscar bakes delicious cakes. Clouds of powdered sugar rise as Brian blows out the candles on this Casablanca cake.
Men cavorting
My how they grow. Oscar holds his own with the young 'uns.
Dragon mailbox
Oscar and Alie have a new dragon mailbox.
Oscar's tile - children's center
Oscar's fundraising tile in
the new Children's Center.
Keep a lookout for the tiles
made by or for the kids.

2003 -   A visit from the Mukilteans. Relaxation after a busy summer.
A big log raft
The kids tied driftwood logs together to make a raft.
Hoop skirts
The girls put on a show in their hoop skirts.
Table in the kitchen
Musical root beer bottles provide entertainment at the kids' table in the kitchen.
Alison and Brian sail with Bart
Bart takes a sail with Brian and Alison.
Deck rest
Bart and Alie settle down for a little R&R on the deck
Sunrise at the Ferry Landing
Sunrise at the ferry landing means another visit is over.

2002 - Brian, Lorin and Alison go to Camp Orkila, Galen comes to Lopez, K & S and other kids join us on Lopez afterwards.
The seven grandkids and the Puddleduck
The 7 grandkids with the
puddleduck. L to R: Lorin,
Brian, Galen, Alison,
Marlise, Parker, Madeline.

Alie and girls in Otter
Bart takes Alie, Marlise and Madeline for a cruise in the Otter.
Sailboat towing kids
More messing about in boats. The kids take turns being towed on the board by Bart in the sailboat.
Alison and Marlise on the board
Alison and Marlise hang out on the windsurfer board.
Dinner on the deck
When the weather is nice, there's room for everyone outside on the deck.

2001 - Otter to Nanaimo and Lopez. Dan and kids visit. Russ and family visit. B & B's foundation.
Otter on Lopez
Russ and Bart cruising in the 
Otter on Swifts Bay.

Boys on Raft
The kids build a raft out of
driftwood at Agate Beach. Lorin,
Galen and Brian try to keep it afloat.

Kids paint tiles
The kids glaze tiles for the new Children's Center. Barbie did ones for Parker and Madeline who weren't on Lopez.
Polly's beach art class
Polly's Beach Art class ends with a teeter-totter. Brian and Alison are the third in from each end. Polly is on the far left.
Basement foundation
Oscar and Alie watch as Bart and Barbie's basement foundation footing is poured.

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2000 - We build a pump house. Dan and the kids join us for a week. Frouk visits Lopez.
Agate Beach island
Bart, Dan and the kids explore the nooks and crannies of the island rock at Agate Beach.

The whole gang in William
Everyone gathers in William for lunch: Dan, Bart, Barbie and all their kids.
Building the pump house
Brian and Alison help out with the pump house built by Bart, Oscar and Dan.
Windsurfing kids
Trying to windsurf.
Alie and Frouk
Alie and Frouk watch the water action from the beach.

1999 -  Steamboat on Lopez (after Wheeler meet). Dan brings the cousins.
5 Waterkids
The kids play king-of-the-hill on the surfboard. Dan sails the puddleduck in the background.
Otter towing surfboard
The Otter gets put to work towing kids on the windsurfer board. Marcia Barthelow sits next to Bart in the back.
Alie and OscarAlie and Oscar, dressed up and ready for a special occasion.
GoKart towing alders
Brian towing alders.
Staff duel
Sparring with staves cut from young alders in the alder forest and hauled out in bundles behind the go-kart.

1998 - Building the new barn. 4th of July Parade. Brian and Lorin in sailing class. Beach and go-kart play.
Barn Truss

Alison said "I built a barn!" when asked what she did over the summer.
July 4th

Brian and Alison watch a 4th of July parade, Lopez style.
Sailing class

Sailing (Hunter Bay).
Puddleduck Launch

The launch of the puddleduck begins the water fun.
Go Kart

A test of the Go-Kart Bart and Brian built, in the field below Oscar and Alie's house.
Bird in hand

The kids found a bird that stunned itself on the window and held it until it flew away.

1997 - Karen brings the cousins who stay for a week. New welder. Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded By Water.
Pooh Cast
Alison as Piglet, Brian as Christopher Robin, Galen as Owl, Marlise, Lorin as Pooh for the Teddy Bear Picnic performance at the end of the week
Brian and Lorin play in the "goosh-goosh" at low tide.
Alison and the adults relax on the beach.
Marlise and the Men
Marlise gets a hand after Agate Beach.
Oscar tries out his new welder.

Brian gets a tractor driving lesson.

1996 - Victoria. Launch of the painted Puddleduck. County Fair with Toni Poulsen. Piglet Meets a Heffalump.
Otter in Victoria Oscar, Brian and Bart cruise in the Otter in front of the Empress Hotel in Victoria Harbor.

The Puddleduck is launched  with a bright new paint job. Oscar, Bart, Marlise, Brian, Alison (behind Brian), and Galen.
Alison and Marlise
Marlise and Alison
County Fair
Alison, Oscar, Toni Poulsen, Alie and Brian take a break at the San Juan County Fair. Alie and Oscar have their new Australian hats on.
Piglet Meets A Heffalump, starring Brian as C.R., Alison as Piglet, and Katie Barthelow as Pooh.

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1995 - The brand new Puddleduck. Gardening with "Beppe." Brian, Lorin, Alison and Galen enjoy a low tide.
Deck Kids
Alison, Lorin, Brian, Galen and Marlise enjoy popsicles on Oscar and Alie's deck.
New Puddleduck
The new Puddleduck gets a test. Bart rows, Alison rides, and Brian and Lorin are towed.
 Beppe's garden
It's always an adventure seeing what is growing in Beppe's garden. Alison loves raspberries.
Low tide
Alison, Lorin, Galen and Brian see what shows up during a very low tide.
Mud table
Alie set up an outdoor "kitchen" for the kids. Galen and Brian love it. (That's Dan walking behind.)

1994 - Oscar and Alie's 40th Anniversary year. We gather on Lopez with Karen and Dan, Mark, and Grampa Jim.
Where did I put my pictures from this year? I'll post 'em when I find 'em.

1993 - Another idyllic vacation: sailing in the Wynfall, a Teddy Bear's Picnic, and plenty of beach time.
Wynfall and Ferry
Sailing in the Wynfall on
Swifts Bay gives a close
look at the ferries.
Alison feels right at
home in the galley.
Beach fire
Roasting hot dogs on a beach fire with the sun on your back and a ferry in the distance - this is living!
Alie on beach
Alie with Alison and Brian, soaking up the afternoon sun on the Port Stanley beach.

Bear HugThe kids get hugs at the Teddy Bear Picnic at the Lopez library.  They brought "Bear Man" and "Bruintje Beer" (in Alison's hands) who is white and not brown.

1992 - Alie's sister Frouk visits Lopez.  The kids play inside and out. Oma's inurnment.
Frouk on deck
Alison and Brian love "Tante Fwoke" and her big yellow hat.
Can you find the boy in this picture? The old barn is in its last years.
Beach kids on their bellies
A trip to Lopez just isn't complete without water time.
Oscar on the floor
Oscar on the floor with Lorin, Brian, Alison and Galen.
Oma's inurnment at the Lopez Cemetery
Oma's urn is buried in the Center Church cemetery. Brian helps with digging.

1991 - The Otter in Victoria with Karen and Dan. Brian and Lorin B'day party with Lopez guests.
Alison in Victoria Harbor
Alison takes a ride in the Otter in Victoria Harbor in front of the Empress Hotel. Brian and Lorin stayed on Lopez with Pake and Beppe.
Birthday party
Alie arranged a 3rd birthday party for Lorin and Brian. Elizabeth Snapp, the Dalton cousins, Laurel Ham-Horn and Emma Ewert attend.
Deck train
The LGB train setup on the deck is a big hit with the boys.
Alison in waterBrian in water
Alison and Brian love the warm shallow water of Swifts Bay in the afternoon sun.
Alison in a chef hatAlison loves to dress up, especially in hats.

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1990 - Alison, 3 mos. old, visits Lopez for the first time. Construction of new shop. Visit to Bart's "Oma."
Wynfal with three generations
Bart, Brian and Oscar enjoy the Wynfall.
Alie and Alison
Baby Alison makes her first visit to Lopez.
Crab hunting
Brian and Lorin hunt for crabs and other wiggly things.
A bird on the head...
A stunned bird rests on Bart's head before flying away.
Brian on Bulldozer
Brian sits on a 'dozer on the site of the new shop, now "the studio," behind the old shop, now called "William."
Oma with Alison and Bart
Oma gives a big smile to her grandson.

1989 - This is a year of many visits: June after Klamath, August with Bart, and October for the tree cleanup.
Alie and BrianAlie helps Brian toddle. Barbie and Brian visited in June between Klamath and the Olympic Peninsula.
Birthday boys
Brian and Lorin share a first birthday party on Lopez.
Oscar in WynfallOscar at the tiller of the Wynfall. His shirt says "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill."
Oma, bart and Brian
Oma with Brian and Bart. Oma has relaxed enough to remove her wig. Her hair is not all gray.
The logging trucks clear the windfallen firs. Alders will grow in the clearing.

1988 - The launch of the Wynfall. Family visits. Baby Brian meets Bart's Oma.
Wynfall launchThe Wynfall is launched at Fisherman Bay on Lopez on a blustery November day.
Wynfall family sail
The new Wynfall sails between Lopez and Blakely with three generations on board.
Family portrait
A family portrait. Front: Mark, Brian, Lorin, Karen, Dan. Back: Oscar, Barbie, Alie, Bart.
Baby boys
Lorin and Brian in sleepers that Barbie made from Dutch fabric that Alie provided.
Bart, Brian and Oma
Bart, baby Brian and Bart's grandmother, Oma. Oma is wearing her perennial wig.

1987 - The Wynfall is under construction. Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival.
Oscar and Alie on the Zwalker
Oscar and Alie on the deck of the Zwalker catamaran.

Fixing a sail
Barbie and Mark fix the sail of the little white sailboat.

Bart in the Dodo
Bart gets a ride in the Dodo, an old steam boat.

Karen in a train
Karen rides in Tommy Thompson's Anacortes Railway engine at the Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival..
Mark working on the Wynfall
Mark reflects in the Wynfall's nearly finished hull.
Oma at Warm Beach
Bart and Oma outside her Warm Beach place.

1986 - A September visit. Barbie accompanies Oma to Lopez in November. Karen and Dan get married in December.
Alie the Librarian
Alie takes on the job of interim Lopez Librarian. While doing this job, she hosts a houseful of fall visitors, houses Oma for several hectic weeks, and helps plan and put on Karen and Dan's wedding (and hosts another slew of houseguests).
Ken Lloyd's railroad
Alie arranges a visit to Ken Lloyd's diminutive Lopez Island Railroad.
Oma on Lopez
After Opa dies, Oma stays on Lopez for a few weeks until Oscar finds a place for her.
Karen and Dan's wedding - family, etc.
Karen and Dan get married at the Lopez Grange on the winter solstice. They had gotten engaged in Europe on the summer solstice.
Oscar bakes
Oscar uses his wedding baking skills to make Oliebollen for New Year's Eve. What a full year!

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1985 - A warm and friendly summer visit. Sailing. An old fashioned harvest. Relaxation.
Boarding the Zwalker
Boarding the Zwalker from the beach.

Harvesting by steam power
Harvest by steam and horse. The Sternbergs are fond of old machinery.

Steam thresher
Bart (far right) takes a closer look at the antique thresher.

Beard trimming
Oscar trims his beard on the deck.

1984 -  Oscar and Alie's 30th anniversary, and our first. The new house is finished. We also come back for Christmas.
Alie at the tiller
There's always time for a sail.
Gary and Barbara Phillips and Aggie Anker on the deck. They came up for the 30th Anniversary party.

Winter '84/'85 Mark wears his clogs in the snow.

1983 - We come to Lopez on our honeymoon. We buy land adjacent to Oscar and Alie's. There is snow in the winter.
My pictures are slides, so this section will have to wait until I can convert them.
After hectic wedding prep (thank you, Alie!) and the wedding and Victoria trip, we are tuckered out by the time we get to Lopez.
We spend some of our August honeymoon unwinding and the rest looking at all sorts of property on Lopez to be sure the piece next to Oscar and Alie is best for us.
Shark Reef
During our winter visit we take a chilly winter walk out to Shark Reef. Jodi, Oscar, Bart and Alie.

Bart in a warm jacket
Bart bundles up in the nippy weather. Watch for a snow on the deck picture her when I get my slides scanned.

1982 - Oscar and Alie build their house. Bart and I camp out to help for the summer, along with Mark and Jodi.
Oscar with compass
Oscar surveys the site of the future house. The old barn can be seen in this picture and in the one to the right.

The first wall
We raise the first wall up after an afternoon downpour. This is the wall that can be seen on the right in the picture of the house with the rafters on.

Mark, Jodi, Bart and Barbie sleep in tents. We eat in the shop.
Telephone box
The call comes in that the Modesto house has sold.
House with rafters
When Alie and Barbie get back from emptying out the house in Modesto, the men have put up the trusses and attached the rafters.
We celebrate Christmas in the shop, since the house isn't done yet.

1981 - My first visit to Lopez.
My only visit to Lopez without  a camera. What on earth am I thinking?
I fall in love with Lopez at first sight as we emerge from the woods near Odlin Park and I see a field with sheep. I don't know if Dwight has had sheep in that field before or since, but they secure my heart for Lopez in 1981. Bart and Mark and I drive up in Big Chunky pulling the lifeboat We stop in Portland on the way to visit with the Deinums. Parking "No Parking" in downtown Portland was a bit of a trick. Bart is pleased that this new girlfriend of his can handle a suburban and a trailer on the freeway.
When we arrive to stay in the shop (before it becomes "William"), Jim Smith stops by to say he'd caught too many crabs in his crab pot and would we like some. Yum! While we are cleaning the crabs, Pauline Queen comes by with extra salmon from the cannery for us. More Yum! What a wonderful welcome.
Bart and Mark spend some time "messing about in boats." They rig up a sort of catamaran with the Klepper and some styrofoam blocks and rope and driftwood. I do a sketch of it, which alarms them somewhat as they aren't sure such boat shenanigans are approved and don't want a record. The cat is out of the bag now.
I find a bargain brown fleece at an arts and crafts sale. It is unwashed, but it is a gorgeous color and a great price. I didn't know how volatile the odor of a fleece could be until we drive down through the central valley in July in an un-airconditioned suburban. Bart and Mark are amazingly polite about it.