The Kids
kids in covent garden
Click here for pictures of the kids on their own and in group pictures.

Arundel castle
The kids walked around, explored and occasionally climbed on a wide variety of places.

Getting Around
on the bus 2401
We used a variety of methods of  transportation : airplane, private coach, Eurotunnel train, minivan, private car, boat and foot.

More Links
The official  ISCA Website
The Independent Schools Cultural Alliance

My original website of trip pictures,
including our full itinerary.

Peninsula School, Menlo Park, California
ISCA    ENGLAND    2005
Our Home Base
CharterhouseCharterhouse School is where we slept, ate and spent our non-touring days. The quaint town of Godalming, Surrey is a short, scenic walk down the hill.

Leisure Time
riding lesson
We had opportunites to play, relax and unwind during touring days and on-campus days.

The Staff
matthew arundel
The energetic and enthusuastic English staff met us at the airports, guided us through  the sights and taught us cricket, rugby and fives.

The American staff also contributed to the program, bringing their own expertise and experience as we shepherded dozens of kids. We had a couple of lovely "Teachers' Days Out" while the English staff were on campus with the kids.
Peninsula kids at Tower Bridge

The Adventures of Peninsula School Kids in England
In July of 2005 I chaperoned a group of 6th to 8th graders from Peninsula School on a trip to England.
Previous trips have been chaperoned by Rebecca Reynolds, currently the 5th grade teacher at Peninsula.

Where We Went
On each touring day, we went to at
least two places. Here is a quick survey of where we went each day.

For more pictures and links to bigger pictures, go here.

People We Met
We joined 57 other students and their chaperones from other independent schools around the U.S..

Sights We Saw
London Eye
 Here are some extra pictures of the places we went and things we saw.

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December 13, 2006