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Designs for seaworthy, affordable cruising boats, sail and power
Specializing in wood and wood/epoxy construction


"We build boats for personal reasons. Some do it for the building experience, some for the aesthetic enjoyment of a gorgeous work of art when completed, and some for the delight of using the boat. If your prime focus is in creating a cost-effective way to get afloat and cruising, the Olga 28 will do you proud."

From a design review by Robert W. Stephens. Olga 28 -- Simplicity in a Salty Package. WoodenBoat (240), Sept/Oct 2014 pp. 112-115.

OLGA 28 under construction in Germany

OLGA 28 under construction in Germany
(this is the diesel inboard version, with a curved transom
 and no outboard well)


Building blogs & other postings

Olga 28 build by
Paul Kessinger in Connecticut
(builder's website)

Beckon, a North Sea 29 under construction by
Richard and Jane Beck in Montana.
See more photos at their blog: 
Building a North Sea 29 Part 1

Building a North Sea 29 Part 2

A Kahuna under construction in Maine
by Scott MacCready.
 See more photos at the sites below:

Juming in with both feet
Kahuna photos

 A Kahuna under construction in North Carolina
by Cecil and Janet Borel.
See more photos here

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