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Autral from the airAustral's design is an outgrowth of Wynfall, intended to provide additional space below decks, including standing headroom. She is slightly heavier, longer and wider, and has more freeboard than her smaller sister. These changes make a difference: Austral boasts a remarkable amount of space for a 29' boat.

The first boat built to Austral's design - named An Old Captivity - was launched by Chris and Penny Morton of Cabarita Beach, Australia and launched in late 1998. After her maiden voyage Chris wrote to me that "...she sails beautifully,...tacking through 80 degrees, picking up speed easily (even in light airs), and leaving little wake."

In 2003 I joined Chris for a delivery trip from Brsibane to Tasmania, and was very impressed with her performance on the 1100+ nautical mile voyage. The MKII version incorporates some changes that were made to the orginal design as a result of that voyage. You can read more about An Old Captivity in articles that have appeared in Classic Boat, Water Craft and Australian Amateur Boatbuilder (see publications page for references).

Three construction options are offered for Austral: framed strip planking, sheathed strip planking, or three layers of veneer over a strip-planked core. Plans include complete details for either gaff or Bermudan rig, and several arrangement options (see below).

An Old Captivity sailing in Queensland, Australia

Sail Area
29' - 6"
25' - 0"
10' - 0"
4' -6"
11,000 lbs.
504 sq. ft.

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Bermudan sailplan with short cabin;
layout is shown below

Gaff sailplan with long cabin;
long cabin layout is below